Danny Demar



Chef ⚫ Dancer ⚫ Defender ⚫ Teacher

About Me

Hi, my name is Danny Demar!

I have had many a good idea over the years. It is finally good to put them to pen. I have several "Loves"! I love to dance. I was born with the desire to lead and protect. My Passion is to teach. And last yet not least, I don't mind being one of the Greatest Chefs I know. Allow me to share my loves with you, and together we will learn a great thing or two along the way.


I have been exposed to some of the greatest food and cooking techniques in the world. I have discovered what it takes to reproduce and improve upon them. In cooking as in life I seek only to perfect and to simplify! Never compromising quality and authenticity for "Style"!

Bringing the worlds of diet and exercise together sucessfully was for me inevitable. "You can't have one without the other!" I teach people how to prepare a clean simple diet that is easy to live by throughout life. And how to stay in the best shape possible too!

Discover how to truly "Look & Feel Good!"

Danny Demar

Dance & Fitness

If I must choose one love, I choose dance. If I could choose two, I would choose dance and exercise. For me, there is no equal to being a part of and being able to share in these passions. It seems that I have been involved in sports and fitness my entire life.

Fulfilling my love for teaching, has been a challenge. I had to be sure that what I was passing on was safe, sound, and efficient. I never backed off a true challenge. And I don't plan on doing so now!

So... Pick your fitness love and let's go for it!

Danny Demar

Self Defense

Danikido is my idea of a better self defense system.

It combines techniques that are common and effective in the world of martial arts. Danikido is very effective and efficient. After being subjected to classified research in various unorthodox self defense programs, I am thankful to be alive and to be able to instruct that which I have learned. Success and survival in self defense depends on the ability to blend, adapt, and accept change.

I go to great lengths to simplify the skills that I have practiced throughout my discovery of Danikido! Danikido grew out of Aikido, meaning to sweeten, and better the soil... or simply "Make the Earth better!"

See you in the Battle for Life!

Danny Demar


Communication has always been important to me. I had the need to learn to speak other languages. After seeing the failures in other language teaching systems, I decided to make my own. I call it Dimilo, "The true language teaching system."

Spanish to English, was the first prototype. During the first three months of its conception, I was able to understand about eighty percent of the Spanish I was hearing. And after six months I was Spanish fluent.

After completion of the primary system, I chose to learn the other dialects of Spanish. Other latin based languages were soon to follow. Using Dimilo I achieved far beyond my communication goals. And am very happy with my results.

"Venite Loqui!"... "Vamos a Pailar!"... "Let's Talk!"

Danny Demar

The Danny Demar Diet.

The Danny Demar Diet was originally based upon my concept of "livable weight loss." It came to exist due to the growing need for a more feasible, affordable and delicious alternative to the multitude of diets that fail consumers today. I combined two of my skills, diet and exercise, in order to create the perfect meal plan.

The plan is what it is. However equivelant substitutions can be made within reason, for those with dietary restrictions. These substitutions need to be varified and agreed upon in advance by Danny Demar and Client. Whether your goal is to lose, gain or maintain your weight, the Danny Demar Diet has the meals for you.

Enjoy eating your way to your best weight goals!

Danny Demar

Danny Demar Dance & Fitness

Danny Demar is your resource for safe, sound and efficient Dance & Fitness programs. Danny Demar fitness programs are based upon many old school fundamental training techniques that have stood the test of time. Modifications to its core principles are always acceptable in order to suit your needs and restrictions.

Feedback and communication with our clients has always been a key to the success of Danny Demar Dance & Fitness. Danny Demar Dance & Fitness will teach you how to avoid your false restrictive preconceptions of training, let go, and rapidly excel in a very short time!

Danny Demar Dance & Fitness offers:

Classes are available both on and off site.

So go for it! See you soon!

Danny Demar

Danikido, Learn Self Defense

Danikido is the self defense system that works. It is extremely effective! Danikido draws from the nucleus of the martial art methods that are functional in the event of unavoidable combat. Danny Demar offers you the opportunity to share in his teachings of combat survival, self defense and very much more.

Danny's teachings are available via an ongoing Internet based program, as well as in his new in store, and off site locations. Danikido is safe, easy, and affordable for all ages. Come listen, learn and discover Danikido! It is easy!

See you soon, and be safe!

Danny Demar

Dimilo, Learn a Language

Dimilo is the true language learning system. It is not based upon the antiquated or modern day repackaging of these very same teaching methods that are obscuring the markets of today. Dimilo is unique in its teaching origins!

Dimilo actually teaches you how to speak other languages. It is not simply a toy or temporary application for translation. Dimilo is the only language learning system that "Works in the Real World". It delivers what it promises. Dimilo works extremely fast.

My language teaching system works for all ages. It is easy to use, and is very affordable!

Invest in your future. Limit yourself no longer.

"Discubris Excitus Suo Semper!" "Discover your Absolute Excellence!"

The following Dimilo languages courses will be availabe soon...

"Venite loqui!"... "Vamos a pailar!"... "Let's talk!"

Danny Demar